Welcome traveler, to the Riftwaeld. No that is not the name of our curious prime material plane, which is named Aeothos, but the planar singularity upon which it resides. You have never heard of a planar singularity? Cosmic blending? Arcane harmonic oscillation? Quantum dimensional entanglement? Did you plane shift, time travel, or spelljam your way here? Ah, a blank stare?

Well! And they call primes the ‘clueless.’ I do suppose that Aeothos is a rather remarkable plane to find oneself on suddenly. No, it is not an outer-plane. It is a prime material plane, simple as that. But, with a rather unique nature and history. Due to the reasonably complicated history and naturally occurring placement within the multiverse Aeothos has very thin boundaries with the rest of the cosmos, extremely vibrant belief based-conduits, exceptional coterminousness with a vast array of planar topography, and a significantly verbose arcono-biology.

You still seem perplexed.

Shall I put it in laymen’s terms, then? The planes positively bleed into Aeothos through the Riftwaeld. Aeothos has a more porous boundary than any other prime material plane in known cosmology. You are currently in the portal ward of one of its five most important cities, Manifest. The others are Waystation, Wanderlust, and Watchtower (somethings tend to happen in threes) and Ascension.

Yes traveler, those are ghosts. No! They are not undead, not everyone who dies immediately transmigrates from Aeothos. Most do, but not all.

Well I suppose I should tell you about the constituent components of our world. The Riftwaeld, and Aeothos with it, transits in an elliptical orbit through the Great Wheel. Our seasons are dictated by which outer plane we are closest to. This has a negligible effect on most areas of Aeothos, except in heightening certain types of magic during that ‘month’ and planar weather patterns. However, in regions already attuned to a specific outer plane

There are five key elements that make up life on Aeothos.

The Power of Souls and Incarnium

Ecological overload

Planar Influence

Polytheistic Pantheism


-The Rule of Three


Jaded Cosmopolitanism

Riftwaeld: When Worlds Collide

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