Riftwaeld: When Worlds Collide

Session 7, Gypsum

I’m beginning to like the Fey Realm, and I don’t think that I like that I like the Fey Realm. I don’t think this is… Balanced… The pretty old fey who wants to sleep with me asked us to help her with some problems before she sends us back to our home plane. Well, then I tried to explain which home plane we wanted to go back to, but I think she was too distracted by my virility so it took some time to get straight. After we had that settled we agreed to investigate some catacombs.

These catacombs were the residence of some fey exiles. Darlin Stormborn seemed interested by them. Guess chaotic exiles of a chaotic people must be right up his alley. I heard something about Wild Fey, and I hope we never meet those since I don’t think Darlin Stormborn would ever leave… These exiles said that the catacombs were being sealed by an unknown party, and that is what we were supposed to investigate. The pretty old one left (I think she winked at me), and I was a bit distracted by this.

After that some quick little buggers, or quick faeries, or quicklings, or whatever they are, attacked us. I thought they were cute and wanted to keep one, but they smooshed too easily, and Kurth was being a mean hobgoblin and wouldn’t help keep one… Or, wait, did we need to keep one? I can’t keep it straight…

Well, then we found a trapdoor that the exiles unlocked for us, and we went down a hole. I’m at expert at going down deep slippery holes so I went down in style. Kurth didn’t quite manage that… Darlin Stormborn cheated and flew. The little one went down okay, but the hole just swallowed him being so small…

At the bottom we went down a hall, and then found some compost heaps. Only they weren’t really compost, more like Shambling Mounds, but they did smell bad. Darlin Stormborn started cursing as they were electroimmune or some such thing. All I know is that it took a long time to beat them down, and the last one didn’t make me feel well. Or is it a Fey Realm hangover…. Damn but I’m ready to leave here. Well, after I sleep with the old fey woman…

session 7 - Kurth

So, as usual it seems for when we agree to help with someone perform what should be an easy task, it once again becomes a suprise attack against us. Those stupid little fey quicklings were such a little a pain in my hairy butt!! But bonus…after killing them I found a nice shiny ring in a pile of crap. Most people might not have noticed it but I did. I’m good like that.I’m guessing they came out of the trap door we found. Down the hole we go, looking for answers. The only answer we found is noe at a time. The question was “How do you kill some green vegetable monster with arms called a roper?” But, killing them brought on someone within me. Like something awakening inside me. I’m ready to face anything right now…face to face with my bow…no worries about someone attacking me in retort to getting shot in the face…at least not for free. Game on dungeon….

Session 6, Side Quest, Gypsum

Kurth and I realized we had miscalculated how much time we had before the curse hit him. So, the two of us set off through the woods. Along the way we found an enormous tree bent oddly. Within the bole we found a stairway curling downward. We took it down and found ourselves in a large underground cavern with a ferry attached. We took the ferry and found were in a cavern with a bit of an opening to the wood above. There we saw heated pools and three caves, one underwater, one behind a waterfall, and a nearby one with hot water coming from it. We went in the latter, and found tracks leading to a space with Salamanders in it. We dispatched them, and then investigated further. We then found a room with Fire Elementals coming out of braziers. They were coming to a point of nearly overwhelming us, when I noticed a lever on the far side of the room. We decided to retreat and took another path. Then we found a room with a few Grell and screaming fungus. We killed the aberration. In another room we found larvae of an evil aberration. We destroyed them and investigated further. More of the larvae were protected by Psurlons. I would have killed them but Kurth said they were overwhelming. We then found a hallway and a choice of 5 rooms to enter, most had items, but one had nothing. After solving a puzzle, we chose the nothing room. It got us more in touch with ourselves. Then we found a room with different mirrors offering to show us “true love” or “power” or “our heart’s desire”. We chose the latter and ended up in the Plane of Faerie. There we were directed by Capricious Fey to the city of Mithrandr. There Kurth found brambleweed berries, but I had to buy them because the fey don’t like goblinoids. Eventually one of the counselors called for us, and she ended up being related to the crazy forest girl from Midgaard. We resolved things with her and ended the curse because apparently we are tied together. Then our companions were being sent for.

Session 5, Gypsum

I spent the past few days oddly unsettled and irritable. In the forest, my small friend Kurth found me, and then we were able to track down Kurth. Kurth was being transformed into a tree. A half-orc druid/ranger appeared, and let us know that the forest demanded a sacrifice to free him. We found a gnome village, the elder directed us to the Forest lord. The Forest Lord was a provincial master, and I was oddly perturbed by him. However, we ended up agreeing to remove a cursed tree to lift our friend’s curse. On the way we ran into the girl we had seen in the hag’s town, and she was determined to kill us. Eventually she fled from conflict, and we found a crashed astral carrack. It was filled with complicated constructs who told us that we were meant to be together and that I had built the ship. Apparently I was once a shaper/conjurer….

Session 4, Gypsum

Kurth and I left the city on the way to solving the curse. Along the road, we found the remains of a camp, and tracks leading away to a small forest nearby. We went there, and found a bandit camp, and Darlin Stormborn was in charge. He decided to join us, and the simple bandits came with us. We made our way through zombies and found a town that hadn’t been overrun. It turns out that a Hag was protecting the town in return for the youth of the town’s women. Darlin Stormborn seemed to really like the Hag, so we end up helping to try to find women who were hiding. I thought this was a bit of a distraction from our main quest, and didn’t think the Hag would much care for us solving this problem. Well, we ended up finding a hiding woman, and the hag sent us out to get the woman after she escaped. The girl ended up being special to an enchanted forest we had to go through (I decided once I left the town I didn’t care about anything but ending the curse). Well, the forest resisted, and then took Kurth away. Darlin Stormborn and I resisted the Treant, and we had a misunderstanding when he weakened the plant. Apparently there are types of magic the forest doesn’t care for. Well, I encouraged the mage to leave, and I went in search of Kurth and a way to end the misunderstandings. I ran into a satyr, and he said I would have to speak to the Lord of the Forest.

Session 3, Gypsum

Upon going through the portal, we found ourselves in a frozen north, nowhere near a town. The land was flat for miles, with little to forage. My companions seemed affected by the cold so i settled them and tried to find a means of warmth, but it was not to be. A storm seemed to be brewing, and I did not think it likely easy to weather out. On going back I saw humanoid tracks, and thought that the best route to follow. My companions and I followed the tracks, but the wind was harsh, so I carried the little one, and tied a rope between myself and the archer. The storm started to hit, and we noticed we were being tracked. The trackers were large white wolves who used the power of the cold. After dispatching them, I put my friends in their corpses for warmth, and used the time in the storm to commune with my ancestry. After the storm we skinned and took the wolf meat. I did a particularly good job on one of the pelts, so decided I would wear it as a cloak. Then we noticed a village ahead, and moved towards it. We saw three figures ahead of the town, and approached them. I tried to say hello, but found nothing to say hello to. They were zombies, and we had found a town overrun by them. We extricated ourselves, and I saw a sign showing the area had been cursed by Baba Yaga. We found another hamlet that had been apparently cleared of zombies, and a temple, that gave me a frame of reference. In this world Baba Yaga is an evil minor goddess, child of the imprison god who desires the world’s end. In time we made it to Vjolnick, the regional capital. The people are very paranoid and simple. As we made to leave, the Tsarina required us to help solve the curse from Baba Yaga, and rather than allow my companions to cause a scene and get us in an unnecessary fight, I agreed.

Session 2

After the interrogation, Gypsum Stonehand went in search of a contact in the Keepers of the Cerulean Sign. He was directed to the part of Manifest called Golden Tone Village. There he found a place called Viridian Chain Tavern. Inside he found two people at the bar, and one man sitting at a table. The table was a large wooden table with the symbol of the organization inside it. The man at the table was an odd looking elf, who introduced himself as Elthryf. The elf stated he was sent to monitor the psionic situation in Manifest. The organization is meant to police psionics. Both the elf and Gypsum Stonehand ultimately believed that psionics should be monitored, but the elf was more morally certain in his position. Gypsum Stonehand explained that he and his companions were investigating the Shadow Minds and their leader, The Hidden Eye. The elf states that this new leader is a powerful psion who may be an illithid infused doppelganger. The half-giant asks if the elf could help in any investigations with knowledge, and the elf advises that he can, and will link him to cells in other planes should the quest require that.

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