Riftwaeld: When Worlds Collide

Session 5, Gypsum

I spent the past few days oddly unsettled and irritable. In the forest, my small friend Kurth found me, and then we were able to track down Kurth. Kurth was being transformed into a tree. A half-orc druid/ranger appeared, and let us know that the forest demanded a sacrifice to free him. We found a gnome village, the elder directed us to the Forest lord. The Forest Lord was a provincial master, and I was oddly perturbed by him. However, we ended up agreeing to remove a cursed tree to lift our friend’s curse. On the way we ran into the girl we had seen in the hag’s town, and she was determined to kill us. Eventually she fled from conflict, and we found a crashed astral carrack. It was filled with complicated constructs who told us that we were meant to be together and that I had built the ship. Apparently I was once a shaper/conjurer….


jhawk1614 JoeySheffield

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