Riftwaeld: When Worlds Collide

Session 6, Side Quest, Gypsum

Kurth and I realized we had miscalculated how much time we had before the curse hit him. So, the two of us set off through the woods. Along the way we found an enormous tree bent oddly. Within the bole we found a stairway curling downward. We took it down and found ourselves in a large underground cavern with a ferry attached. We took the ferry and found were in a cavern with a bit of an opening to the wood above. There we saw heated pools and three caves, one underwater, one behind a waterfall, and a nearby one with hot water coming from it. We went in the latter, and found tracks leading to a space with Salamanders in it. We dispatched them, and then investigated further. We then found a room with Fire Elementals coming out of braziers. They were coming to a point of nearly overwhelming us, when I noticed a lever on the far side of the room. We decided to retreat and took another path. Then we found a room with a few Grell and screaming fungus. We killed the aberration. In another room we found larvae of an evil aberration. We destroyed them and investigated further. More of the larvae were protected by Psurlons. I would have killed them but Kurth said they were overwhelming. We then found a hallway and a choice of 5 rooms to enter, most had items, but one had nothing. After solving a puzzle, we chose the nothing room. It got us more in touch with ourselves. Then we found a room with different mirrors offering to show us “true love” or “power” or “our heart’s desire”. We chose the latter and ended up in the Plane of Faerie. There we were directed by Capricious Fey to the city of Mithrandr. There Kurth found brambleweed berries, but I had to buy them because the fey don’t like goblinoids. Eventually one of the counselors called for us, and she ended up being related to the crazy forest girl from Midgaard. We resolved things with her and ended the curse because apparently we are tied together. Then our companions were being sent for.


jhawk1614 JoeySheffield

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