Riftwaeld: When Worlds Collide

Session 7, Gypsum

I’m beginning to like the Fey Realm, and I don’t think that I like that I like the Fey Realm. I don’t think this is… Balanced… The pretty old fey who wants to sleep with me asked us to help her with some problems before she sends us back to our home plane. Well, then I tried to explain which home plane we wanted to go back to, but I think she was too distracted by my virility so it took some time to get straight. After we had that settled we agreed to investigate some catacombs.

These catacombs were the residence of some fey exiles. Darlin Stormborn seemed interested by them. Guess chaotic exiles of a chaotic people must be right up his alley. I heard something about Wild Fey, and I hope we never meet those since I don’t think Darlin Stormborn would ever leave… These exiles said that the catacombs were being sealed by an unknown party, and that is what we were supposed to investigate. The pretty old one left (I think she winked at me), and I was a bit distracted by this.

After that some quick little buggers, or quick faeries, or quicklings, or whatever they are, attacked us. I thought they were cute and wanted to keep one, but they smooshed too easily, and Kurth was being a mean hobgoblin and wouldn’t help keep one… Or, wait, did we need to keep one? I can’t keep it straight…

Well, then we found a trapdoor that the exiles unlocked for us, and we went down a hole. I’m at expert at going down deep slippery holes so I went down in style. Kurth didn’t quite manage that… Darlin Stormborn cheated and flew. The little one went down okay, but the hole just swallowed him being so small…

At the bottom we went down a hall, and then found some compost heaps. Only they weren’t really compost, more like Shambling Mounds, but they did smell bad. Darlin Stormborn started cursing as they were electroimmune or some such thing. All I know is that it took a long time to beat them down, and the last one didn’t make me feel well. Or is it a Fey Realm hangover…. Damn but I’m ready to leave here. Well, after I sleep with the old fey woman…


jhawk1614 JoeySheffield

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