Riftwaeld: When Worlds Collide

session 7 - Kurth

So, as usual it seems for when we agree to help with someone perform what should be an easy task, it once again becomes a suprise attack against us. Those stupid little fey quicklings were such a little a pain in my hairy butt!! But bonus…after killing them I found a nice shiny ring in a pile of crap. Most people might not have noticed it but I did. I’m good like that.I’m guessing they came out of the trap door we found. Down the hole we go, looking for answers. The only answer we found is noe at a time. The question was “How do you kill some green vegetable monster with arms called a roper?” But, killing them brought on someone within me. Like something awakening inside me. I’m ready to face anything right now…face to face with my bow…no worries about someone attacking me in retort to getting shot in the face…at least not for free. Game on dungeon….


jhawk1614 SilentLucidity

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